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Ceic enterprise talents strategy

In today's society, the most important factor, which determines the development of enterprises is not money, not technology, not the system, but the high sense of responsibility. Talent is the most valuable wealth, is an important link of the enterprise, is the soul of company.

Management concept

Ceic enterprises in the people-oriented management concept, pay attention to personnel training and development, and strive to create the conditions for the growth of talent, in order to achieve the business to keep people, keep people, keep people in the development of culture. By giving full play to the staff one's ability and cleverness to enterprise development, enterprise development and growth of the employee's own value.

We firmly believe that talent is the real driving force for the development of enterprises, employees are we flying wings, our employees and our staff of the stage show, be closely related and mutually dependent, only for common development.So we advocate the human-oriented management thinking, management policy to implement people-oriented, proposed "the enterprise management, is the talent management; the industry competition, is the competition of talents", formulated the "people-oriented, talent resources, human resources management concept of dynamic talent" of the modern enterprise.

Employing the principle

Ceic management adhere to the "not race horses" principle, with "performance is better than the qualifications, ability is higher than the degree" and "have both ability and political integrity" as a standard, encourage employees to display their talent.

Employing the principle of us is: "only, appoint people on their merit; give full scope to the talents, use; use long, one short". The company implemented appointment of management personnel, to find the most suitable position for each employee, to seek the most appropriate staff for each position.

Personnel training

The development of enterprises, we must constantly improve the overall quality of staff. Ceic company proposed "training is the best welfare of employees, development is the best reward employees" slogan, and actively create a good learning, training condition, there are plans to the training of their employees, to fully exploit the potential of employees, promote the growth of talents.

We strive to provide training opportunities for employees, take enterprise development road of learning, to create a strong learning atmosphere in the enterprise interior. Follow the "Zhao Pei synchronization, training reserve; learn in order to practise, common development" principle, to create opportunities for staff promotion and development.

The personnel system

A series of activities of the company by personnel diagnosis, for their own staff training, advanced human resource management ideas into workable system for the characteristics of the company, the business organization, the personnel department personnel allocation, human resource management mechanism, further adjustment, has established a set of personnel management, first. Characteristics of the labor management and performance evaluation system.

By using this system, the company to improve the level of human resource management, mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, to promote the progress of enterprises.

The team atmosphere

Ceic rationalization proposals to receive any enterprise employees, adhere to the interaction with the staff, the formation of enterprises treat employees, employees of enterprises a good atmosphere of love. To create a standardized management and humanistic management combining the environment and atmosphere, through a variety of ways to cultivate their sense of honor, to stimulate enthusiasm for work.

Adhere to the "respect for people, trust people, understand people" principle, so that employees can feel that the development here. In the "people-oriented" enterprise culture, encouraging each employee "self-reliance, love dedication, pioneering spirit, dedication and cooperation", the heart of the entire staff of the tightly together, for the enterprise, to create greater value for the community!